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Bipolar Support

If you have been diagnosed as bipolar you are well aware of the pain, struggle, trauma, frustration, fear, uncertainty, and so many other things that come with a bipolar diagnosis.

Once you have a cocktail of medications that work, your visits to the psychiatrist might be paid by health insurance. But, supportive therapy may not be covered.

If you are looking to add a professional who understands the issues surrounding bipolarism in a practical manner, working with me could be the right choice for you.

Some of the things that I’ve seen with people who successfully come to terms with the bipolar diagnosis, are that they:
Create a quality support team
Engage in healthy diet, exercise, and sleep management
Pursue a hobby
Find quality relaxation time
Engage in activities that challenge them
Understand their limits
Understand when things are getting out of control and check this out with their support team
What I offer:
Support for your process of stabilization and healing
Understanding that part of what you’re facing is the task of rebuilding a life of loss and that you may be doing some grieving about where you currently are
Insight into the dynamics of how bipolarism can play out in relationships
Years of understanding that a person isn’t defined by their disorder.

Who can work with me?
To work with me you must meet several requirements: If you can answer 4-6 of the statements positively, we can talk. I will want to know if there is a statement you need to work towards in order to give it a “yes” answer.

If you are in treatment with a psychiatrist and adjusting to a stable situation with your medication, we can talk.
If you are committed to swallowing your medication each and every day as prescribed, we can talk.
If you’re committed to adjusting the medication as needed, we can talk
If you are seeking to build a support team that understands the challenges you face in living daily with bipolarism, we can talk.
If you have the beginnings of a support team and a demonstrable plan of action should something happen to need re-stabilization, we can talk. This last item is vital in our working together.
Lastly: if the online mode of meeting works for you, then we can talk.
Use the form to connect with me.