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About Gail

Gail Shurtleff, MA LMFT

My journey to the work I do began when I was an undergraduate student.  While obtaining my Bachelors in Psychology I was privileged to volunteer with the Department of Mental Health for the State of California.  I managed schizophrenic and geriatric patients and it taught me a great deal and enabled me to learn about mental health services.  

I intended to spend my career working with disabled people and their families.  So, I accepted employment working with the developmentally disabled population which opened my eyes to new areas of focus.  

While in graduate school, and doing my practicum, I was able to gain experience with those who dealt with dissociative disorders.  My love for those with disabilities, and their families continued thus, I thought this would be my main area of specialization.  This was altered when my family moved to Europe.  

It was at this point in time that I developed a consulting practice that focuses on the needs of families with disabled children.  Along with this, the possibility of working with the visually impaired as a therapist was opened up to me.  

I once read that most people will have a career change and focus during their working lives, the average being three times.  While I’ve done the same type of work throughout my career, I now move on to another area I am equally passionate about: grief, loss, and the transitions that surround them.  

Education and work: 

Bachelors: 1985 Psychology, Sonoma State University

Masters: 1994  Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

I work with: 


Children: Parents who want to get support for their children

Support Groups

Areas of Specialty: 



Life Transitions

Faith Transitions

Dissociative disorders


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